From Instagram to Facebook, social media influences this demographic in a way that previous generations could never have imagined. The team at The Fourhundred Magazine has created an issue that helps readers identify with the people behind the brands. It helps the many who aspire towards the luxury lifestyle to view this lifestyle firsthand. The Fourhundred Magazine ensures that our readers are one step closer to achieving the life they are reaching for.

In this issue, we provide access to exclusive interviews with the top social media influencers, such as Luxury World Traveler, The Billionaire’s Club, and Millionaire Mentor. We aim to demonstrate the variety of individuals who are influencing our world – from artists to world travelers to the technologically savvy.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Click here to download the issue, and gain access to an insider look at top influencers.





Social Media Issue

December 2016 / January 2017


Music & Entertainment Issue

September/October 2016



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The Four Hundred”evocates the drama of American Society at the height of the Gilded Age, when New York’s society was shaken by the arrival of ever increasing numbers of new rich, mining bonanza kings, railroad barons and industrialists, who ascended to unimaginable wealth, during the economic transformation triggered by the industrial revolution.

Caroline Astor was the self crowned queen of New York (and Newport) Society, who set herself the task, to regulate society and keep the new rich of the Gilded Age out. In the winter season of 1872-73 to build up her list of socially prominent New Yorkers, therefore designating twenty five patriarchs, who would define society, by inviting to each ball of the season, four ladies and five gentlemen.In addition to the thereby convened 250 people, an undefined number of visiting guests, prominent people from other cities, and debutantes would be invited directly by Mrs Astor. Allegedly derived from the capacity of Mrs Astor’s ballroom, the “Four Hundred” represented the epitome of New York Society during the last quarter of the 19th century.

The Patriarch Balls held at Mrs Astor’s mansions would go on until 1897. Of the last of these balls, held in the winter season 1891-92, Ward McAllister gave a list to the New York Times. For the first time after many years of guessing, the public was shown the official list of Mrs Astor’s Four Hundred and thereby the names of society’s sacred inner circle.